Dance Madness 

Dance Mouse™ has been highly successful since its launch in 2008 and is now available in hundreds of Pre-Schools and Primary Schools countrywide. Due to its great success story, Dance Mouse™ head office was inundated with request from the dancers leaving primary school level, to extend the programme to include a high school syllabus; hence Dance Madness™ was born and launched in March 2013.

Dance Madness Syllabus

  • Choreographed by: Dance Champion Kyle Behrens
  • Many years of teaching and performing experience
  • Quallified Licentiate Teacher and Adjudicator with SADTA in Freestyle, Hip hop, Slowdance, Hustle, Rock ‘n Roll!
  • Invited choreographers, Kim Mathews(Musical Theatre) and Delmaine Arendse(Street Hip Hop)

The new Dance Madness™ syllabus will be on offer from grade 8-12. Dancers will choose two dance forms per year. Dance forms on offer: Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Hip Hop, Latin American Dance (e.g.: Salsa, Cha-Cha), Freestyle, Slowdance & Musical theatre dances. The dancers will work towards an annual performance each year. Dancers will achieve a medal and certificate for their efforts.

The aim of Dance Madness™ is to have loads of fun, while increasing ones fitness levels, co-ordination and self-confidence. Offering a great life skill and encouraging a lifelong love of dance!

As the Dance Madness™ syllabus continues to evolve and improve on a yearly basis, so too will Dance Madness™. We will continue to upgrade, improve and invite up and coming choreographers to ensure that our dance forms and steps keep up with the times.